1412660487_Leone CouncilDedicated to serving and improving the City of Sausalito in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jonathan Leone has addressed Sausalito’s most pressing issues while holding a number of city leadership positions. He spent six years with the city planning commission, served as an elected member of the Sausalito City Council for two four-year terms, and acted as the Mayor of Sausalito between 2009 and 2010. During this tenure, Jonathan Leone achieved significant improvements to the city’s infrastructure and financial stability, including repairing 60 percent of the city’s street-miles and increasing the city’s financial reserves amidst the national recession. He also focused on historic preservation, greater funding for city services, and parks and city beautification. 

Through Leone’s efforts, Sausalito residents have experienced the benefits of a balanced budget and reduced pension costs. He also helped limit waterfront development and facilitated an innovative Sewer Repair Program to protect the Bay. While serving the city, Leone effectively managed environmental concerns, economic pressures, and land use considerations.

Along with his career in public service, Jonathan Leone established himself as an Internet entrepreneur in the area and previously served as a financial professional in New York.


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